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Inspired Life

What if Animals think like humans?

 Humans are the most intelligent and smartest species, but we are constantly in search of happiness and contentment. Have you ever thought if animals are actually happier in their own lives?  In an alternative imaginary world, we explore the concept of animals with the thought process of a human being. How will they behave in situations that cause stress, anxiety and unhappiness?

Happiness Hacks

What's your favourite happiness hack to be happy always?

Unhappy but not sure why?

Check out this enlightening video on why we sometimes feel unhappy without a reason.

Kindness is Contagious

Kindness – it all starts with just one person – YOU. 

Self-Start Happiness

Very often we expect to get happiness from the people we associate ourselves with – friends, partner and family members. You won't find it in the outside world, spiritual teacher Sadhguru explains. The key to joyful relationships according to Sadhguru is “self-start happiness”, where the joy and happiness springs from our inner nature and not from being push-started by others around us.

Secret of Happiness

 Have you ever wondered if there is a short-cut to happiness and bliss? The answer is yes and no. Here is a 2-minute crash course on simple steps you can take to start your journey towards a happier you. The question is - will you take the first step? 

Gratitude & Happiness

Our latest video on the undeniable link between everyday gratefulness and happiness in life. Watch and let us know what you think.

Happiness Quiz

 This is a happiness quiz. There are 10 questions.  Answer honestly. Find out more about what you are missing in living happy always.  Happiness and joy is the ultimate destination everyone desires, but not many of us know the source of happiness and search for it everywhere but within us. 

10 Inspiring Quotes on Happiness

Get your daily dose of inspiration from these famous teachers of the philosophy of happiness.  

Omar Khayyam, Buddha, Dale Carnegie, Sathya Sai Baba, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Camus, Dalai Lama, Albert Schweitzer, Andrew Delbanco, Valerie Bertinelli 

3 Short Stories on Happiness

 3 classic inspirational short stories on letting go of worries and living happy.  Everyday, taking control of our thoughts goes a long way in ensuring how we view the world. 

5 Steps to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

Think of goodness for everyone, everytime. Our intention creates things, and the intention is selfless. The more we send love and happiness to our surrounding, the more we get happiness too.